January 2019

Objective Assessment of the Rheological Muscle Property in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Authors: Riccardo Marvulli, Giancarlo Ianieri, Lucia Mastromauro, Ersilia Romanelli, Laura Barulli, Pierpaolo Chiumarulo, Gianfranco Megna, Marisa Megna

Affiliations: Neuroscience and Sense Organs Department, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Bari, Italy

Journal: Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug Targets - Volume 2015, No.15, Pages 229-233

Fibromyalgia (FM), clinical condition characterized by several signs and symptoms such as widespread pain, trigger point, morning stiffness and extreme tiredness for scarce hours of sleep, is linked to several changes in several brain neurotransmitters, particularly serotonin and norepinephrine. Consequently, the Neural Vegetative System works more and so it generates an exaggerated muscular contraction, sweating and constriction of blood vessels. The aim of our study was to treat a selected group of female patients suffering from FM with duloxetine with physiotherapy. We used two clinical scales (VAS and FIQ) and an objective evaluation such as myometric. The analysis of the data Myoton used during any inspection showed a statistically significant reduction in the values of muscle tone in each district analyzed. This finding was also confirmed by the patients themselves who have experienced a significant welfare and less muscle tension in different locations, as evidenced by data obtained from the clinical scales used by us. In addition, our patients were thought to be satisfied with the improvements not only subjective, but also with the objective witnessed myometry, making them a share of the study and feeling constantly monitored for treatment aimed at a real reduction in muscle stiffness. In conclusion, our study demonstrates combined treatment duloxetine- physiotherapy effectively reduces a symptom often disabling and particularly troublesome in patients with FM as the exaggerated muscle contraction.

Keywords: Duloxetine, fibromyalgia, myometry, muscle tension, physiotherapy, vegetative system.

In conclusion, our study provides an opportunity for patients with FM of an effective and well accepted treatment about muscle tension, often disabling and particularly annoying symptom. Combined treatment duloxetine-FKT reduces satisfactorily muscle tension in FM, with improved of quality of life due to an increase in the quality of sleep. So, patients improve their management of the activities of daily living with favorable impact on social life.