May 2024

Panoramic Ultrasound Imaging and MyotonPRO

Authors: Florian Wegener 1, Matthias W. Hoppe 2


  1. Faculty of Sport Science, Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany
  2. Institute of Sports Science and Motology, Philipps University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany

Journal: Sports Technology - April 2024, Chapter 17, Pages 159-166 (DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-68703-1_17)

  • The MyotonPRO is a myotonometry-based portable digital palpation device, which analyses mechanically induced deformations or oscillations of soft biological tissue in order to record its biomechanical and viscoelastic properties. It is characterized by high practicability and reliability for the examination of muscle and tendon tissue and can record necessary parameters such as stiffness within a few seconds.

This chapter focuses on the use of panoramic ultrasound imaging and the myotonometry-based digital palpation device MyotonPRO for the diagnostics of Achilles and patellar tendons. Such new measurement methods and devices can be used to quantify parameters such as tendon length and stiffness practicable and reliable in sports and clinical settings. This enables the investigation of tendon-specific stresses induced by specific training loads and the characterization of related physiological or pathophysiological acute reactions and long-term adaptations of the tendon tissue. Regarding evidence-based prevention research, the importance of such new technologies is steadily increasing in order to identify possible risk factors of overuse sports injuries with a high burden such as tendinopathies.


Figure 17.2 Hand-held digital palpation device “MyotonPRO” by Myoton AS a during the examination of patellar tendon stiffness and b presentation of results on the display